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Show about the making of a women’s wrestling show glows on Netflix

GLOW—Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling—is a new comedy show on Netflix that follows Ruth, played by Alison Brie (Mad Men), as she joins a women’s wrestling show set in the 1980s.

The show’s first season includes 10 episodes, each about 30-minutes each. It follows a group of women wrestlers and their washed-up director, Sam, as they work towards creating the low-budget program.

The most enjoyable aspect of the show is how a misfit group of people come together and make something from very little with some laughs along the way. The characters each have struggles of their own that they overcome while preparing for the taping of their premier episode.

glow3-feat-uproxxSam is a director of obscure sci-fi/horror films who is only doing the show as a deal to get his passion project made. Ruth must wrestle with her ex-best friend, Debbie, whose husband cheated on her with Ruth. One woman dresses up in furs and acts like a wolf. Each character has something distinct about them that contributes nicely to the show.